Field Sales
Field sales is a sales strategy that involves sales representatives traveling to meet potential customers in person, typically in their workplaces or other locations outside of the sales office. The goal of field sales is to establish a personal connection with customers, build trust, and provide a personalized sales experience that addresses their specific needs and concerns.

Field sales representatives often use a variety of tactics to engage potential customers, including product demonstrations, presentations, and in-person negotiations. They may also gather feedback and insights from customers that can be used to improve products or services, and identify new opportunities for business growth.

Field sales can be an effective strategy for businesses that sell complex or high-value products or services, as it allows sales representatives to provide more detailed information and answer questions in real-time. However, field sales can also be more time-consuming and expensive than other sales strategies, as it typically involves travel and face-to-face meetings. As a result, many businesses use a combination of field sales and other sales strategies, such as inside sales and digital marketing, to reach a broader range of customers and maximize their sales effectiveness.

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