Presales is a business function that focuses on helping potential customers understand how a product or service can solve their business problems or meet their needs. Presales teams typically work closely with the sales and marketing teams to provide technical expertise and support during the sales process.

The main goal of presales is to educate and persuade potential customers about the benefits of a product or service, and to address any technical concerns or questions they may have. Presales teams may provide product demonstrations, create customized proposals, conduct proof-of-concept trials, or answer technical questions about the product or service.

Presales professionals are typically skilled in technical areas such as computer networking, software development, database management, and cloud computing. They also have strong communication and interpersonal skills to effectively communicate with potential customers and understand their needs.

Overall, the presales function plays a critical role in helping organizations win new business by providing technical expertise and support during the sales process, and by ensuring that potential customers have a clear understanding of the value proposition of the product or service.

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