Product-Market Fit
Product-Market Fit refers to the degree to which a product or service satisfies the needs and preferences of a target market. It is the point at which a product or service has found a strong product-market fit and is able to achieve significant growth and market success.

To achieve product-market fit, companies need to develop a deep understanding of their target market and their needs, preferences, and behaviors. This involves conducting market research, customer surveys, and user testing to gather insights into what customers want and how they interact with products.

Companies also need to develop products or services that align closely with the needs and preferences of their target market. This involves continuous iteration and refinement based on feedback from customers and market trends.

Once a company achieves product-market fit, they are better positioned to achieve sustainable growth and market success. This is because they have developed a product that meets the needs of their target market, and they have established a loyal customer base that values their product or service.

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