Project Milestones
Project milestones are key events or achievements in a project that mark significant progress towards its overall goal. They are important points in the project timeline that help to measure progress, identify risks, and evaluate whether the project is on track to meet its objectives.

Project milestones are typically identified and defined during the planning phase of a project, and are usually linked to specific deliverables, such as completing a major task or delivering a key component of the project. Milestones can also be linked to specific dates, such as completing a certain phase of the project by a certain deadline.

Examples of project milestones might include:

  • Completing the design phase of a project
  • Delivering the first prototype of a new product
  • Launching a new website or software application
  • Completing a major testing phase
  • Receiving final approval from a client or stakeholder

Milestones are important because they provide a clear way to track progress and communicate the status of a project to stakeholders. They also help to identify potential issues or risks early on, allowing project managers to take corrective action and keep the project on track.

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