Sales Qualified Lead
A Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) is a prospective customer who has been identified as having a higher likelihood of becoming a paying customer based on their engagement with a company's marketing and sales efforts.

An SQL has progressed further down the sales funnel than a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL), which is a prospective customer who has shown interest in a company's product or service but has not yet been deemed ready for direct sales outreach.

To qualify as an SQL, a prospect must meet certain criteria, such as:

  1. Demonstrating a clear interest in the company's product or service by requesting a demo or pricing information.
  2. Having a specific need or pain point that the company's product or service can address.
  3. Being in a position to make a purchasing decision or having the authority to influence a purchasing decision.

Once a prospect has been identified as an SQL, they are typically passed on to the sales team for direct outreach and further nurturing to move them towards a purchase decision.

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