Scalable Pricing
Scalable pricing is a pricing strategy where the cost of a product or service varies according to the volume or level of usage. This means that customers pay more as they use more of the product or service, and the pricing is designed to scale up or down as demand increases or decreases.

Scalable pricing is often used by businesses that provide software as a service (SaaS) or other digital products, as it allows them to offer a flexible pricing model that aligns with the needs and usage of their customers. For example, a SaaS company might offer a base subscription fee that includes a certain level of usage, with additional fees or charges applied as the customer's usage increases.

Scalable pricing can benefit both the customer and the business. Customers are able to pay only for the resources they use, avoiding unnecessary costs, while the business can optimize its revenue and resources by charging for usage and providing a flexible pricing model that encourages customer loyalty and growth. Additionally, scalable pricing allows businesses to better forecast and manage their revenue streams, which can lead to better financial performance and stability over the long term.

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