The Relative Path
The relative path is a simple document that helps simplify the first steps in mapping the customer journey, and it outlines the most common paths a customer takes for your funnel.

Along the top, as columns, list out the funnel stages. Awareness, interest, desire, action, and loyalty.

Then create a few rows and give them labels.


What is the customer doing in this phase?


This is what the customer wants to achieve during this phase.


What are some questions or thoughts the customer might have?

Emotional state.

Is the customer happy, excited, confused, frustrated, maybe interested or curious?

How are they feeling during this portion of their journey?

Touchpoints and channels.

What will the customer interact with and where?

Is it your website, social media, email, and so on?


What do you need to do to move the customer to the next stage of the funnel?

Now you may have multiple responses for each funnel stage, but this format will help you map out your fundamental buyer journey.

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