• Define Your Objective
  • Get Target List
  • Dynamic Texts, Images, Links
  • Call To Action
  • Analytics
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Direct mail campaigns give a high ROI and even a higher ROI than paid ads.
Define Your Objective
It's all about customer acquisition and how you execute this strategy is going to make the difference between success and failure. Set concrete and measurable objectives
Get Target List
Who are you selling to? Success depends on a focused and detailed definition of your core audience. I will help to define the list, use your existing list and find more lists.
Dynamic Images, Texts, Links
Personalization works! Apply the techniques for creating a professional personalization program and make a huge difference in your results. Take advantage of personalizing images and links.
Call to Action
Leave the viewer with a key next step to make their purchase. A good CTA will encourage the viewer to use your product or service to make a change in their lives.
Capture, process, analyze, and generate insights from how your sell-sheet performs. Make smarter business decisions based on data. Optimize their performance and your plan.

Why me?

20+ years of experience
Since 2005 I've built a company from 1 to 50+ full-time employees, 30000+ custom orders, thousands of clients, created many marketing and software tools. You are in good hands.
Easy to work with
I value your time and your business. We set expectations upfront and deliver results.
Save money
Save money by working directly with me. Don't pay for the overhead of a large agency.