• One Video Included
  • Video Storytelling
  • Secure Setup
  • YouTube Ads
  • Add Video To Your Website
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No matter what you do, your job is to tell your story. Tell it in the video.
One Video Included
I will create one practical video that you will put to use immediately with YouTube and your website. Animated or a live shooting of someone from your team talking on camera.
Video Storytelling
When we want to communicate information that's meaningful to us, we usually tell a story. To communicate a message about business, go the natural route: tell a story.
Secure Setup
Keep your digital data secure, and protect your privacy online. Why strong passwords are important? How to share your account access to prevent problems?
YouTube Ads
Grab attention—and customers—by advertising on YouTube. Build ad campaigns, set a reasonable budget, and target the right audience using interests and demographics.
Add Video To Your Website
Generate leads and increase your sales. 83% of marketers said that videos have helped them generate leads while 80% of them said that videos have helped them grow their sales.

Why me?

20+ years of experience
Since 2005 I've built a company from 1 to 50+ full-time employees, 30000+ custom orders, thousands of clients, created many marketing and software tools. You are in good hands.
Easy to work with
I value your time and your business. We set expectations upfront and deliver results.
Save money
Save money by working directly with me. Don't pay for the overhead of a large agency.